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Almost each one of us needed at least once to do a Cash Exchange: just arrived at the airport and need local money, planning in advance the next vacation, converting the left money from a previous trip into the local currency, diversifying the own savings into different currencies, etc...
Obviously, money exchange offices and ATMs are not doing it for free, but apply fees and commissions which may turn into a UP TO 20% loss for us! Yes, it is a lot...

.. an interesting story ..

After a past trip to Turkey, I had some TRY liras left in my wallet and hence I decided to go to a local bank to exchange these into local currency, RON. There was a line at the exchange office and I was standing there with my money in hands. Behind me, a man saw my TRY and asked gently "Excuse me, do you want to exchange TRY to RON?". I said "Yes". Then he added "Well, I am going next week to Turkey and actually now I need to exchange RON to TRY. If you want, we can skip this line and do the exchange between us". We stepped aside, we checked the official rate for the TRY-RON conversion and we exchanged the money. Being an Exchange Deal at the official rate and not the bank BUY/SELL rates, both of us were happy since I won 5% extra money and the man won 5% extra money after this deal.

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We have built an utility app which brings to the people the possibility of such Exchange Deals, to do it whenever needed WITHOUT any INTERMEDIARY institution in between and therefore without any loss incurred due to commissions and fees. We will be happy if the app will help you too and we are looking forward to hear your feedback on it. We would like to make it PERFECT for you! Lets Do It Together!

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